List of 1000+ Websites For Buying and Selling Businesses

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List of 1000+ Websites For Buying and Selling Businesses

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Discover an endless amount of companies for sale.

A professionally Curated list of 1000+ Websites & Groups for Buying and Selling Businesses.

Sourcing high-quality deals online is not an easy job.

So much time and energy wasted, scrolling through hundreds of listings on the well-known platforms, only to find out competitive & quality issues.  

We have professionally curated a list of Platforms & URLS, where you can explore high-quality deals, maximize deal flow, form relevant connections and gain highly targeted market insights.

Connect with business owners & intermediaries.

  • Worldwide Coverage

What's inside this spreadsheet?

✅  1000+ public & private marketplaces, business buying & selling groups, and intermediary websites. Example: Larvato Deal Sourcing Newsletter

✅  Descriptions of each platform for easy comparison so you can make better-informed decisions on where to list your business or acquire businesses.

✅  URLs of these platforms so you don’t have to go through the hassle of Googling them. Simply copy & paste the URL on the web and you will be directed straight to the page.

In the Bundle, you get ALL of the above PLUS:

✅ A list of 1000+ Names, firms & email addresses of intermediaries you can network with.

Discover deals from outside your used platforms​

Download the Excel spreadsheet today and get instant access to an endless amount of companies for sale.

Basic License Agreement:

By purchasing this product you are acquiring a Single Person Use license. If you buy it, only YOU (the purchaser) are allowed to use it and you may not rent, lease, sublicense, distribute, or lend this file to any other third party.

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